Shoot background plates for Platebank

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Shoot background plates for Platebank

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Platebank on uusi kotimainen taustavideopankki filmintekijöille. Etsimme nyt aktiivisia kuvaajia yhteisöömme. Tarkempia lisätietoja lontooksi alta sekä linkistä...


Platebank is a revolutionary stock footage library made by filmmakers for filmmakers.

Platebank offers background plates shot by professionals around the world. Unlike traditional stock footage libraries at Platebank all locations are shot from a minimum of three angles. This enables you to shoot an entire scene with reverse shots just using background plates. Platebank also offers technical data of the plate which enables you to shoot your shot with exactly the same technical setup.
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Earn a minimum of 40% from net sales
Platebank offers the best provision in the stock footage industry. You a get minimum of 40% from net sales. It’s an easy way for student filmmakers to earn extra income while studying.

Your location is exotic to someone else
It really doesn’t matter where you live. Make the best of your location – even if your location may not feel exotic to you, it can be very exotic for someone else.

No elaborate equipment needed
You just need the proper equipment (camera body, high-quality lens and tripod), a little perceptiveness to envision a scene where your background plates could be used. Just leave the foreground empty and remove all the props which can be added in the chromakey studio.

Shoot multiple plates at the same location
Just change your composition, use a different crop, shoot at different times of the day in different weather conditions at different times of the year. You can easily shoot over 10 different sets of plates at the very same location.

Super-easy upload process
As we only sell ungraded footage, you don’t have to spend hours doing post processing or color grading. You just edit the plates into separate files, drag and drop the files to our contributor app, punch in the metadata and that’s it.