7. Film-A-Ton lyhytelokuvatapahtuma 2015

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7. Film-A-Ton lyhytelokuvatapahtuma 2015

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** 7th Film-A-Ton 14.11.2015 International Short film **

(English summary in the end - auf Deutsch in die Ende)

Kajaanin Korvenpojat esittävät: Kaikille avoin Film-A-Ton lyhytelokuvatapahtuma. Sinulla on 4 tuntia aikaa, mahdollisesti pari kaveriasi, kamera ja annettu aihe. Sinun tulee saada aikaan hauska, koskettava ja maailmoja mullistava 1-3 minuutin mittainen lyhytelokuva. Saat päivän aikana kaksi aihetta.

In English:
Kajaanin Korvenpojat presents: Open for all Film-A-Ton short film competition. You have 3 hours of time, possibly couple of friends, a camera and a given topic. You are supposed to create a fun, touching and worlds changing 1-3 minutes short film. You get two topics during the day.

Auf deutsch:
Kajaanin Korvenpojat präsent: Einer Offener für alle Film-a-ton Kurtz-film Wettbewerb. Du hast 4 Stunden Zeit, möglicherweise ein paar Freunde Innen, eine Kamera und gegeben Titel. Du solltest ein lustig, emotionell und grundlegend 1-3 Minuten Kurzfilm drehen. Während des Tags werden zwei Filmtiteln gegeben.
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Why Film-a-ton:
It is fun!

A selection of books is chosen by Film-a-ton winners. The winners are allowed to can add their favorite film books into this collection. This collection will be available for the winner until the next competition, when it will be returned.

History of Film-a-ton, specialities each year / number of teams:
2008-2009 concept idea on Swiss Alps
2010 first trials in Finland (1 team)
2011 Media noticed competition for first time. Swiss team from Lausanne. (5 teams)
2012 Solo team from England with laid back spirit. (3 teams)
2013 Two teams from Russia with open minds. (4 teams)
2014 No participants (0 teams)

What do you need in Film-a-ton:
-Team: Solo participation is possible, but it is more fun with bunch of friends.
-Camera: Any video recording camera is ok. You need to move your material on computer and/or directly to YouTube fast. Hint: Normal (or HD) digital compact camera makes life easier (faster) than old school tape cameras. We have seen some retro teams in the past...
-Internet connection: Internet connection and active Skype user account required. Access is provided if you come on site.
-Winning: What you need is an open creative mind, artistic eye, out-of-the-box thinking and determination!

Where is Film-a-ton:
It is everywhere! Easiest way is in Internet via Skype. For those who need, Organization provides very basic facilities in Kajaani, Finland. Laptops with video editing software are (most likely) available on site for video editing use. Please check.

When is Film-a-ton next time:
Preliminary schedule Saturday 14th November 2015 in UTC +2 Finland (winter) time:
10-11 Film-a-ton opens slowly:
14-18 Short film no 1/2015 (1st and only topic is announced around 14) Film is returned latest at 18.
Sunday 15th November around 11 Price giving

What does Film-a-ton cost to me:

Payment instructions are given in registration. PayPal accepted. Fees are used in price giving and in organization costs. 2015 it includes participation in 24h fotomaraton. Ask for details.

Film-a-ton welcomes you:
You are welcome to reveal your Spielberg and Kaurismäki skills – may the best team win!

Film-a-ton in cooperation with Finland’s leading University of Applied Sciences in Kajaani. Thank you!
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7. Filmaton 14.11.2015 - in cooperation with 24h fotomaraton!
4 hours time to produce film of 1-3 minutes.


Yhteistyössä Votomaratonin kanssa - 4 valokuvaa voi korvata yhdellä lyhytelokuvalla 4h aikana.

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